All Hat, No Horse

     Selah, you are the proud parent of another viral video. The Facebook post is already closing in on 10k views (as I write this).  Selah's last viral video was of a Zillah cop doing something very similar to the star of this new viral video. 

    Seems a couple of Selah's "we have a law-and-order town here" citizens saw fit to forcefully insist some young people could not put protest signs on public property.  

    Where would they have gotten that idea??  Is it coincidence that the Zillah cop had the same misconception?  

    The answer to both rhetorical questions is simple. These "law-and-order" folks trusted city officials who said chalk art was illegal on public property.  These "law-and-order" folks apparently missed subsequent disclosures that proved the city leaders wrong.  In defense of these trusting followers, top city officials have not been truthful and candid in their backtracking. 

    The law-and-order couple insisted the young people were breaking the law. They took down some of the signs the young people had just put up.

    The three short video clips taken by one teen have their comical moments, but the law-and-order guy's behavior ends up being just sad and pathetic.

     See for yourself.   

    When the young people encourage the tough guy to follow up on his threat to call the cops, he does.


    A Selah police officer arrives shortly. Much like the Zillah cop viral video, tough guy heads straight to the police car to demand law-and-order.  And as with the ZIllah cop viral video, the Selah officer sets the tough guy straight. 

    Turns out, such signs can legally go on the right of way. The Constitution does cover all citizens in Selah. Who knew? 

    The look on the tough guy's face is priceless at that moment.  He realizes the hole he dug for himself cannot be pulled in to protect him from his appearance as "the guy who got it wrong" in a viral video.   

    What happened next told me everything I needed to know about the tough guy. He turned and walked back to his truck without a word. 

    A real man would have apologized. He would have returned the signs and offered to help put them back in the places he tore them down. 

    None of that appeared on the video. The tough guy turned out to be all hat and no horse.  He looked, at that moment, like a big time loser. 

    So does Selah, every time one of these videos goes viral. 

    This boorish behavior has been modeled by Selah's top officials. And it will likely make Selah a running joke in viral videos until Selah voters do something about it.

    What is it about Selah's culture that encourages such rude and outlandish behavior? How long will you allow this to harm you, Selah?  Who will star in your next viral video?